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Quarantine Survival PLR Tutorial by Nicolas Hevey

Quarantine Survival PLR Review and Bonus by Nicolas Hevey – Best New Method How to survive during a quarantine or government lockdown – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

Quarantine Survival PLR Nicolas Hevey Reviews

Quarantine Survival PLR venx by Nicolas Hevey is professional product

The Hardest Part Of Making Money Online Is Done For You. The hardest part of making money online is creating a high-quality product and writing a winning sales letter. If you don’t have a great sales letter you won’t make any sales. If you don’t have a great product you’ll be hammered with refunds and angry customers will fill the internet with negative reviews. If you want to create a great product and a great sales letter on your own you either need a lot of time and a lot of skill, or a ton of money to hire a pro to do it for you. What I’m offering you today is a shortcut to having your own high-quality product and sizzling sales letter for less than you’d pay a freelancer to write a couple of articles for you. You can have this done-for-you business up and running in a flash and be making between $19-$37 per order selling an eBook in a red hot niche. I don’t need to tell you that this market is not only red hot, but filled with customers desperate to buy a solution. After all, you see the news and know how crazy things are. People want this information and you’re audience will be thrilled to pay you for it! This entire package comes with private label rights. That means you own this business and keep 100% of every sale you make. Over 100 Hours Has Been Invested In This Product. I’ve personally invested over a hundred hours in creating the Quarantine Survival Guide and sales tools you’re getting today. Buying the Quarantine Survival Guide today is like hiring me to create your product and sales funnel for pennies an hour. Yes, other PLR that you get pitched every week is *a little* cheaper. But after looking over this package and checking out the sales letter you’re getting can you see how this is worth a few dollars more than the typical PLR? I hope you can. Set everything you’re getting aside… The sales letter you would pay thousands for, opt-in page and email follow up series…all that stuff. Let’s just focus on the Quarantine Survival Guide. Any decent writer would charge you $25 a page to write this book but let’s pretend you found someone amazing who only charges you $10 a page. You would still have to pay over $500 to replicate this book. Even at $2 a page, which even the most desperate freelancer would never charge, you’re looking at way more than you’re paying today. The discounted launch price is a small price for a product like this. Snatch it up now and you’ll own an info-product business that’s ready to start making you sales. Just plug in your payment links, autoresponder opt-in form, and you’re in business.

See how Quarantine Survival PLR Review and Bonus by Nicolas Hevey – Best New Method How to survive during a quarantine or government lockdown – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH in action here.

Download Quarantine Survival PLR here :

Quarantine Survival PLR Review and Bonus by Nicolas Hevey – Best New Method How to survive during a quarantine or government lockdown – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH Quarantine Survival PLR Review

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Quarantine Survival PLR OTO / Upsell / Upgrade :

Front End Offer : Done-For-You Quarantine Survival Guide eBook & Sales Funnel With PLR

  • 10,000+ word ebook
  • Professional Sales letter
  • Opt-in page
  • Email follow up series
  • Bonus guide
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Graphics

Upgrade 1 : Done-for-you marketing campaigns

Upgrade 2 : Content Collection

Upgrade 3 : Done-For-You Superfoods eBook & Sales Funnel With PLR

Upgrade 4 : Done-For-You Cleansing eBook & Sales Funnel With PLR

Here’s a quick look at everything you’re getting…

  • Premium eBook: This isn’t your typical PLR product. It’s a meticulously researched premium product your customers will love
  • Winning Sales Letter: You’re getting a 21-page sales letter written by a million-dollar copywriter
  • Lead Capturing System: With this opt-in page and follow up series you’ll be able to turn your info-product into a lead generating sales funnel
  • Bonus Guide: This bonus guide will boost the perceived value of your offer
  • Cheat Sheet: The cheat sheet included with this package is another way to add value to your offer
  • Banners: Drive traffic to your sales page with professional banner ads
  • Cover Graphics: You’re also getting premium cover graphics for your product and bonus guides

Let me go over each piece of this PLR package in detail for you

We’ll start with the Quarantine Survival Guide eBook you’re getting…

Premium Quarantine Survival Guide eBook

The Quarantine Survival Guide you’re getting is a premium product. There’s a very special reason your audience is desperate to own this information…The virus breakout terrified them because they were not prepared.

This product is NOT about immune system supplements – if you’re like me you got your hot little hands on that PLR already.

The Quarantine Survival Guide teaches your customers about:

  • The best foods to stock up on during a quarantine
  • How to store food
  • How to make homemade protective masks with supplies most people have around the house
  • How to sanitize your house and car
  • How to make homemade cleaning and hygiene supplies
  • How to stay connected with family, friends, and coworkers during a quarantine

This is information that can save your customer’s lives. They’ll be thrilled you’re offering it to them.

This Isn’t A Fluffed Up Report

The Quarantine Survival Guide is over 10,000 words long. Here’s why that matters…In 2020 you can’t get away charging people for skimpy products. If your book is shorter than the Wikipedia entry about the topic you are going to get buried in refunds. Your product needs to be comprehensive. It can’t be something your customers could have learned with one or two Google searches.

There’s another important reason why your product can’t suck…

You’ve probably seen the drama over payment processors unfolding lately.

Here’s the short version in case you missed the industry gossip:

Payment processors no longer tolerate low-quality products with sky-high refund rates.
If your product is low-quality, payment processors no longer want your business. Low-quality products also end up with negative reviews scattered across the internet. That will completely sabotage your business.

The Quarantine Survival Guide is a product you can be proud to offer your customers.
It’s loaded with helpful info they’ll be happy to pay for. Run your eyes over the table of contents below and you’ll see this is a premium product packed with the high-quality info…

Legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert said the most important element for making sales is a starving crowd. When you own the Quarantine Survival Guide you’ll have solutions to a health problem that people are desperate to find a solution for. Take a look at the Google trends data for the search term “quarantine.” It’s blowing up right now.

That’s just a small sample to show you how many people are looking for this information.

And this topic IS NOT going away.

Experts are predicting this virus could come back for a 2nd wave and that could be a seasonal problem like the cold or flu that never goes away. (1)

Here’s another lucrative reason you want to add this product to your online portfolio:

You can market it to health AND survival niches.
The Quarantine Survival Guide will not only help your customers during a virus outbreak, but it will also keep them safe during natural disasters, civil unrest, or events that take down the power grid. It’s an evergreen product that you can put online today and generate money with for years.

You’re Getting A Winning Sales Letter

There are a few superb PLR sellers out there (I’ve invited the very best to promote this product) and even they agree that much of the PLR floating around the internet is low-quality. The problem with a lot of PLR content is that it doesn’t include a sales letter, or if it does, the sales letter isn’t very good. There’s nothing worse for a marketer than putting a product online and refreshing the stats and seeing this…

  • 100 visitors – no sales
  • 250 visitors – no sales
  • 500 visitors – maybe one sale….

Without a great sales letter, you’re not going to make money online.

To be fair, good sales copy is expensive and it’s asking a lot from most PLR sellers to give you a winning sales letter. I’ve sold over a million dollars worth of eBooks (see proof below) and know how to write sales copy that turns website visitors into customers. If you wanted to hire me to write you a sales letter it would cost at least $7,000. Today, I’m giving you one of my 21-page sales letters with this offer.

(Note: If you grab this offer you’ll get the sales letter in the following formats: Word doc, PDF, and HTML file)

You’re Also Getting A Lead Generating Follow Up System

Not everyone who visits your site is going to buy from you. An opt-in page and email follow up series can double or even triple your income! I’m including both with this offer so you can turn your Quarantine Survival Guide website into a lead generating sales funnel. If you were only getting private label rights to what we just went over it would still be a remarkable deal. But there’s still more I want to give you…

Solar Survival Bonus Guide

I don’t want this to be another PLR product that sits on your hard drive collecting virtual dust. I want you to get this puppy online and making you money. I’m making it my responsibility to provide you with all the marketing tools you need to turn this product into a wildly successful business. That’s why I’m also giving you this Solar Survival bonus guide that will take your Quarantine Survival Guide offer to the next level. This report shows your customers how to generate solar power so they never have to worry about their electricity being cut off during a quarantine. There’s another very special thing about this guide that us marketers love. Solar power is a rainmaker niche for affiliate marketers! Feast your eyes on one of the big-ticket solar products for sale on Amazon. Can you imagine what your affiliate commission would be if you could sell just 1 or 2 of these suckers a month? And that’s not a one-off product in the Amazon marketplace. I dug around and you’ll find more solar products selling for over $10 grand. All you have to do is paste your affiliate links in your Solar Survival guide and you can start generating affiliate sales on 5-figure products.

Quarantine Survival Guide Cheat Sheet

The Quarantine Survival Guide cheat sheet is a cliff notes version of the main eBook. This is another tool you can give your customers that will boost the perceived value of your Quarantine Survival Guide offer.


These professional banner ads will help you drive traffic to your sales page.

Cover Graphics

Nothing cheapens an eBook offer like ugly cover graphics. You’re getting a set of professional cover graphics that look great and communicate the high value of your Quarantine Survival Guide product.

Why You Want To Own This Quarantine Survival Guide Sales Funnel

Most marketers typically do one of three things with PLR content…

  • Use it as a bonus to bulk up an existing offer
  • Give it away in exchange for an email opt-in
  • Or they put a lot of work into enhancing PLR eBooks with their own content and write their own sales letter

What you’re getting today is different…

You’re getting a high-quality product with a complete sales funnel and marketing tools that can start making you sales right away. Simply put this offer online and you’re ready to tap into this lucrative market.

Now Is The Time To Get Your Hands On The Quarantine Survival Guide

I’m sure you watch the news and know what’s going on in the world.

People are scared.

  • There are food shortages
  • They can’t get face masks or hand sanitizer
  • They don’t know how to stay in contact with the outside world

The Quarantine Survival Guide helps your customers overcome all those challenges. You can market this product for ANY virus outbreak. You can also market it to the survival niche as a way to stay safe during riots, power grid outages, and natural disasters. Grab the Quarantine Survival Guide today and you’ll have a business that can make you money today, tomorrow, and years from now.

My “Love It Or It’s Free” Guarantee

I stand by everything I create. As soon as you download the Quarantine Survival Guide and look through everything you received you’ll see this isn’t like most of the PLR on the market. In fact, I guarantee you’ll be blown away. I’m confident you’re going to be thrilled with the Quarantine Survival Guide PLR, but if for any reason you’re not, contact me in the next 7 days and I will return your investment.

You can see how that’s something your customers will pull out their wallets for. This is a seriously high-quality product. That’s not all…Nick’s also including a crazy good 20+ page sales letter to help you sell your new product. Nick mentored under one of the top copywriters in the world. His sales copy has sold over a million dollars worth of ebooks (check out the link for proof). Bottom line, he knows how to make people give you their money. It’s rare to get a sales letter this good with a PLR package and a big reason why I’m so excited to share this with you. If converting traffic into customers is something you struggle with, this PLR will be one of the best investments you make all year! Another benefit of having a sales letter that converts is you’ll have no problem getting affiliates to send traffic to your new offer. If you wanted to hire Nick to write your copy his starting price is $7,000 and it goes up from there. There’s more…You’re also getting a sales system to capture leads and follow up with prospects. All you have to do is plug in your opt-in code, sales links, and put it online and you’ll own a lead generating sales funnel in this lucrative niche. We’re not done…You’re also getting a bonus guide, a cheat sheet, banners, and professional cover graphics. After the launch, Nick is locking in the price for this PLR at $89 (which is still a great deal for a premium PLR product like this). To hire someone to create an eBook and sales letter like the one you’re getting today would cost about $10k, and that’s not even including all the other goodies you’re getting! Right now the special launch price lets you own private label rights to a $10k business for less than you’d pay a decent freelancer to write 1 or 2 articles for you.

Most of you are missing the one thing you need to make money online in 2020. If you don’t have this the odds of you making a full-time income online are close to zero. You need a world-class product. I know this because I’ve been selling eBooks for 14 yrs and understand how the industry has changed. The days of tossing a poorly written 30-page eBook on Clickbank and cashing in are gone. If you try it, you’ll be crushed by refunds and bad reviews. You need a world-class product and that’s what I’m offering you today. I’m writing to you today with something special…Nick Hevey (a 7-figure Clickbank marketer) is launching a done-for-you eBook business with full private label rights. That means you keep 100% of the sales you make. It’s called the “Quarantine Survival Guide” and it’s a perfect product to market to your customers who are worried about getting sick right now. But you won’t stop generating income with this product when this crisis ends. I’m excited to share this brand new PLR with you for two reasons: First, this PLR is a true “plug & play” business that is ready to make you money right out of the box. Second, this content is red hot right now. It’s called “Quarantine Survival Guide” and it shows your customers how to survive the virus that shut down most of the world. It’s also an evergreen product you can market during any crisis where people are stuck in their homes. Many experts predict the virus will have a 2nd wave or could even be seasonal which means it will keep coming back. The survival niche is a multi-billion dollar market. This product is filled with the type of content that audience loves to spend money on. It has massive earning potential! It’s a complete done-for-you business that’s ready to start making you sales. And the creator of this PLR is a 7-figure info-product marketer so you know you’re getting a premium product. The special launch price is only good for a few days. When it ends, the price SKYROCKETS up to $89!

Download Quarantine Survival PLR here :

Quarantine Survival PLR Review and Bonus by Nicolas Hevey – Best New Method How to survive during a quarantine or government lockdown – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH
Quarantine Survival PLR Review

Get Quarantine Survival PLR Now! buy Quarantine Survival PLR now and you can save money and work hours. Quarantine Survival PLR comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Quarantine Survival PLR review

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